where i may eventually finish dnd campaigns but probably not -u- -- (brief?) url change to grand-scrap.tumblr.com

due to events completely unrelated to a campaign, tae now runs a small business selling stained glass windows.

the prince is competent i swear.

the prince has a cloak that lets him turn into a bat.

the prince has a lot of cool magical items.

but nothing can make up for the fact he’s an infatuated moron.

there was a sidequest/expansion of the main questline that involved going into the mountain but that part was/is nowhere near complete.

if the prince didn’t care about his people his roc would have eaten silver as a light snack.

with lord sky’s voice added to the newly established council, everything is sorta going terribly.

vortex had some side quests and i’m just saying one of them had a pretty sweet dagger as a reward.

but at least the main questline was completed casually forgets main boss mentioned repeatedly in friend’s campaigns whOOPS.

the final dragon was supposed to be based off danny phantom and the only way to defeat it was to use blood blossoms growing around the field but i may have put off making the dragon until the day of the battle.

all the prince did was help farmers grow food and like cadence he didn’t ask for this nonsense.